Your summer/mother phase.

Welcome to the 3rd phase in your menstrual cycle.

The mother phase. Sup, mama.
If it were a season it would be summer. 
This is also known as your ovulation phase.

Your spring/maiden phase was about getting things done. It was driven. Physical energy was active. It was a focused phase, almost similar to a masculine energy in my opinion. 

Your summer/mother phase takes that energy and starts to diffuse it.
So while you will still be feeling physically energized and mentally quick, the energy becomes much less directed and much more full here.

Imagine it losing its pointed focus and just filling your whole body and mind up and softening you.
Energy is still high, but it goes from active to a more passive feeling.

Fullness. That is a theme here.
Feeling full, maybe even...juicy.

That external pull to the outside world you felt in your maiden phase is still there, but now it's less about accomplishing on the outside and more about connecting on the outside.

This is a phase of connecting in relationships. Communicating. It's easy to be there for others and be in tune with others needs. Your energy is full and flowing and you're ready to give it to anyone who needs it. 

And when I say you are ready to give it to anyone who needs it, this could also mean with your vagina.

This is a super sexual time. 

You are nearing ovulation so there is a good chance you will hear the clarion call to bone loud and clear, and why not, cause sex is more sensual and embodied during this phase. Take advantage of feeling more connected to your body and sexuality with a partner, but if you don't have one, take advantage of this time with yourself.

This is a time of enjoying your own personal expression.
You may find you take more time with your clothes, really picking out what feels right to you and reflects who you feel you are.
Writing can come easier during this time, but other forms of expression, including verbally, can feel easier, too. 

Many women feel their most feminine or womanly during this phase. This isn't totally the case for me, so if it isn't for you that is ok. You are going to have your own unique experience of the mother/summer phase, just like all of the other phases.

I will say that I can feel myself getting more connected with my body again though. In my maiden/spring phase that connection felt so weak for me, so it's nice to feel it start to come back stronger. 

It's easy to give during this phase
It's easy to feel strongly and confidently in who you are.
It's easy to express yourself.
It's easy to connect. 


How I experience the summer/mother phase...

My experience is pretty text book for this phase overall, except I don't feel at my most feminine and womanly like I mentioned above. I feel that in the next phase moreso than this phase. 

I feel socially confident and able to connect. 

I definitely feel horny and more sexual than before.

My energy feels like there is less of need for it to be so directed, and my need to accomplish has lessened.

I like being around other people during this time and I feel at my most accepting and understanding now. It's super easy for me to feel empathetic, whereas in other phases (ahem, the next phase we have yet to discuss...) it's not quiet so easy.

This is where body practices to connect with my feminine energy start becoming easier again. As well as meditation. My mind was entirely too active to successfully meditate before, but now I can feel myself being able to go deeper and stay in meditation longer.

I have a period tracker app on my phone and there is a section where you can add other things to track. So I track when I drink alcohol or smoke weed, and a few other things. And I can consistently say I drink the most alcohol during this phase. And I don't drink much in general, but something about this phase makes me more open and receptive to drinking which is sort of interesting. 

The summer/mother phase lasts about 6 days for me on average, with the energy of it rising and strengthening as I progress through those days. 

Next week...

The fall/goddess/premenstrual phase!
Although it is sometimes one of the most difficult phases for women to experience, this is actually my favorite part of my cycle. 

I'm also going to include a quick summary of all of the phases together next week to give a quick comparison and maybe help you to start to see how some activities might be optimized at different times during your cycle. 

As always, let me know your thoughts and questions!