Your fall/goddess phase.

Ok, I am for real excited about this one. This one is going to be a little longer than usual. I really want to give you a good feel for the depth of this phase.

Today's email is all about your premenstrual phase, maybe the most hated on phase, next to when you are bleeding. 

But I LOVE this phase.
I use to be in the haters boat with it too, but after I started learning about it, and how to work with it, I was able to really shift my perspective.

My goal is to really layout how to better work with this time or at least help bring you to a deeper understanding of it.

If it were a season, it would be Fall.
It's archetype is the Goddess. I've also read about it's archetype being called an "enchantress" as well.

I prefer Goddess because this phase can powerfully go in the direction of the Hindu Goddess Kali, who is a motherfucking destroyer who isn't playing around with any bullshit (maybe you can relate).

Or the African Goddess Oshun, the goddess of sensuality and creativity and passion.

Or maybe the Greek Goddess Hecate, the goddess of magic and intuition. 

Honestly, this time is fucking awesome because you get to choose what Goddess you are going to embody. 

This is a deeply internally focused phase. 

During your Goddess phase you are extremely open to and connected with your subconscious mind. And this can make it difficult to deal with the outside world sometimes. 

During your Maiden and Mother phases, your conscious mind is active and strong (and the subconscious is passive), so those phases can feel dramatically different than this phase and the Crone/Winter phase, which is also deeply connected to the subconscious.

Here is a quick breakdown about the conscious mind and subconscious mind.

When you're in a phase where your conscious mind is active and strong (the Maiden and Mother phases), this means you are able to deal with everything around you easily, because you feel like you are directing the show. You can pretty much choose the thoughts and feelings you want to focus on, without much interference.

When you're in a phase where the subconscious is closer to the surface (the Goddess and Crone phases), whatever is going on in the subconscious can feel like IT is directing the show.

Any issues/challenges/problems/fill in the blank in your life that maybe you don't want to address on a conscious level are still inside you, they are just hidden away sitting in your subconscious. And when the subconscious is so in play during these phases, those things can be, too.

The conscious mind acts like a bodyguard about your thoughts and feelings. Without your bodyguard around anymore you are right up face to face with whatever has been sitting there in your subconscious, waiting for you to pay attention to it. 

This can make you feel extremely reactive. 
Easily upset. 
Fed up... with situations/people in your life. 

And this is often what women experience during their premenstrual phase. Hello, PMS. Things that you were fine with during other times of the month are suddenly in-fucking-tolerable.

This is not a mistake. And these things are actually coming up for your benefit, if you decide you want to work with them.

The issues/challenges/situations that can come up during this Goddess phase might feel like an intensified version of reality that sucks. 
But - it's important to remember this is just an intensified version, so you can easily see what needs to be addressed and take care of it for the better.

It's also important to read this next part carefully.
If you find you absolutely hate your husband or your wife or your kids or your job during this phase (fill in any person or situation), that doesn't mean your subconscious is telling you to get rid of them.
It is, however, giving you a message about those situations for you to look deeper at. And that message is not about the other person or situation, it is about YOU. 

There is something there that you could shift/examine/explore within yourself that is going to improve your life in some way. Here is your chance to really see it and work with it. 

And is it possible for you to just be really fucking annoyed with shit in your life without it having some deeper meaning beyond that you were just feeling annoyed in that one moment? Sure.
That is something you will have to decide for yourself. I would encourage you not brush things aside that come up in this phase so easily though. It's a powerful part of you, albeit sometimes an uncomfortable one, that is wanting to assist you.

But this may not be your experience of the Goddess phase at all. 

You might not deal with a lot of irritation, anger, frustration, intolerance, etc. 

And that could be for 1 of 2 reasons.
1. You are feeling pretty balanced about your mental and emotional boundaries and health at that time.
2. There are other gems in your subconscious you are focusing on. I'll get to those in a sec.

And that is what leads me to tell you about my nickname for this phase.

I call this "the snowball" phase. 

Your ability to create momentum with your focus during this phase is HIGH. 

If your focus ends up on a challenging issue in your life you are dealing with, in no time flat you can go from zero to 60 about it.

So knowing you are in the "snowball" phase can help you navigate where you want to go a little easier.
If you start focusing on something that feels uncomfortable, and you just don't want to or can't explore that right now, know that you need to quickly change your focus to something else or the snowball is gonna take over. It's ok to table it and deal with it when you can. You have the power to stop the snowball. 

The snowball works the same for the other potentials of this phase, the other "gems" as well.
There are more things that run rampant in your subconscious then just your challenges and they are :

Your sexuality!
Your creativity!
Your intuition! 

(yay finally some good news) 

When you ovulate (the Mother phase) your body produces an egg and it also prepares itself to start creating a life.

If that egg isn't fertilized, all that energy that is ready to create doesn't suddenly disappear. If you don't start creating a baby, you are still primed to start creating SOMETHING. Anything. What do you want to create? 

This is a time for creativity. You might feel the NEED to create. Your creative energies are so potent during the Goddess phase it might be overflowing out of you desperate to find an outlet. 

And because you are so connected and close to your subconscious during this time, ideas, inspirations, visions are just ready and available to you, almost served up on silver platter. It's not unusual to get really awesome ideas just popping into your mind randomly throughout this whole phase. 

Sexuality and creativity are intimately linked. I've said it before and I'll say it again, they are the same energy. So feeling sensual and sexual is also highly possible. And the sex you experience can make you feel powerful at this time. Like a Goddess who knows what she wants. Take charge and speaking up can be much easier. 

All of this is why it is my favorite phase.


My experience of the Goddess/Fall phase..

My intense need to be creative kicks pretty soon after I ovulate. I can definitely feel a difference from the previous phase and this phase.

I am constantly getting inspiration and ideas during this phase. Ways to grow and explore things I was already working on, and totally new things as well. I love looking at projects during this phase because of that. I love letting the snowball take over in those areas.

Meditation comes really easily now, but at the same time it can be tough to stay in meditation because of the amount of ideas popping into my head and the desire to jump out of meditation and go do them.

My desire for sex isn't right in my face, but it is consistently right under the surface waiting for me. All it takes is a gentle shift in my focus in that direction. I can definitely be more assertive with sex and find I have more clarity about what I want during this phase.

Knowing that my subconscious is trying to help me by bring issues front and center for me, i've been able to resolve and work with areas of my life instead of continuing to push them aside which has really made me learn to love this phase. I've been able to work with issues around resentment, boundaries, asking for what I want, kicking my butt into gear and doing this email list, etc. I am so grateful for this phase because of that, even though it is definitely not always easy or pretty. I still have breakdowns, I cry, I blame. But i'm slowly getting better and better at using this time to help.

This is my longest phase. It starts about a day or two after I ovulate and goes until about a day or two before I start to bleed. The energies of this phase start to merge into the energies of the Crone/Winter phase more and more as it progresses. I continue to go deeper and deeper internally, with my physical energy diminishing over time, and my desire to be away from others growing. 
My Goddess phase lasts about 10-12 days for me. 


The 4 menstrual phases : 

Your Maiden phase :

                              Externally focused       Active

                              Fast                             Conscious mind

                              Mental                         High physical energy

                             Get shit done and have fun

                             Timing : directly after your period ends

Your Mother phase : 

                              Externally focused          Passive

                              Full                                 Conscious mind

                              Emotional and present   Connection
                              Focus on relationship and feeling good in your  
                              Timing : right before and during ovulation

Your Goddess phase :

                              Internally focused       Active
                              Power to dive deep    Subconscious mind
                              Intuition                      Creativity
                              Create the life you want (either a baby or your
                              Timing : after ovulation and
                              before menstruation


Your Crone phase :

                              Internally focused  Passive
                              Rest                      Subconscious mind
                              Intuition                 Rebirth
                              Take what you've learned and allow it to sink
                              in, heal you, or free you
                              Timing : during menstruation


Do you have questions?? Like always, I love hearing your feedback, your thoughts, and your experiences. 

Until next week,

belle soet