Being a woman = POWER

If you are a woman, you are power.. 
You are the physical manifestation of power.

Why is that? 

For one, you are literally a creator.

Physically, you were made to create. Really sit back and think about that for a second. Without your kind (aka women), there would be nothing. NOTHING. From women, everything that ever was, has been.

Ok maybe that's dramatic. Sure, lots of men created things and changed shit. But guess what, a woman literally created that man inside her body, girl.

Let's say you cannot/don't/won't have children during your life. No problem. Say you don't even have the specific anatomical organs and parts connected to fetus making. Doesn't matter. 

Because all that incredible creating power is still in you. And it is just sitting patiently, waiting for you to use it...because it is there to be used by you.

So we need to look beyond just the physical level of creating at this point.

(SIDE NOTE - looking at things from ONLY the physical, tangible, scientific-proof-I-need-evidence type perspective is the masculine perspective. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that perspective. I mean it's definitely gotten our world very far in a lot of ways that deserve tremendous respect and has helped us survive and even thrive with convenience. But it is not the only way.

Using only that perspective and approach creates major imbalance.
You might get really fucking far with industrialization and science and tech for example, but you leave behind humanity and compassion and connection in the process and then let's be honest, we all fucked.)

In your womb space you have the ability to create a human life form, but the really crazy shit is that you also have the ability to create and bring to life an idea, a desire, a vision, a massive change, etc. 

That space is made for creating, physical life or otherwise.

But most women aren't really in touch with that space.

As women in our society we are only encouraged to really connect with our womb area during the short time when we may be pregnant (generally looked at as a celebrated positive experience and association in our society)....

or when you are menstruating if you are within the time period of your life when that is occurring (generally looked at as a negative experience or association and as something to hide or suffer through)...

or if something goes wrong and medical intervention is needed (again, generally looked at as a negative experience)...

So there really isn't a lot of time in a woman's life where she creates a positive and strong mental, emotional, and physical connection with this area in her body. 

(If you are wondering where exactly the "womb space" is it's the area right below your belly button.)


Also -  I hated that word when I first started learning about all this.
Womb space. It made me feel stupidly pretentious to even say it. But for me, my tremendous aversion to it was actually a reflection of my disconnection from that area, and moreso a disconnection from my femininity. 

Also also - I feel like I should clarify at some point that feminine doesn't mean girly, but that is for another email.


But what I want you to know the most is this space, the energy that lives there, can be used to bring what you want into your life...

...but we'll talk about this more next time.