Being a woman = POWER pt. 2

So back to what I was saying before..

"But what I want you to know the most is this space, the energy that lives there, can be used to give you what you want in your life..."

That space is where you can create and bring things physically into your life (not just a baby).

That space is a direct connection to your self worth and self love as woman. 

That space is probably way more amazing than you even know.

And when you are in alignment with it, everything else you want gets in alignment for you.

I want more women to know they are worthy. They are worth it.

Because what really gets me excited is when a woman knows her worth, she not only changes her life for the better (and the lives of those connected to her by default, simply by being around her), but she will help others.

That's why women are fucking amazing.

When we feel really good, when we are in our power, we immediately and naturally want to help others level up in some way. 

And that could look a million different ways. And it will be totally unique to you. But what I know is that you have a strength that helps other people. And what I also know is that strength (or "gift" if you fancy) is gonna be really hard to fully access and flesh out if you are not feeling worthy and you aren't in touch with loving yourself.

And our world needs fucking help.

The more women who are coming from a place of self love and self worth, women who feel confident and clear as fuck in who they are what they want to offer the people in their lives and maybe the world, the faster things are gonna get better for all of us.

And yes, at this point in our timeline women are not exactly treated and looked at as the incredible world changers/creators they are. 
Or I guess depending on the lens you look through (if you look through the fear and control based patriarchal lens), we ARE treated like the world changers/creators we really are, and kept in check because of it. 

Femininity/power/sensuality/self worth/creativity/sexuality

They are all connected, and they will change your life for the better.

There is so much here that I want to talk about.

But I wanted to start here at least.

I wanted to remind you that you as a woman = power.

You were taught (maybe directly, but most certainly indirectly) to feel otherwise. Raised in a world that consistently tries to suppress, repress, and control parts of you. A world where you probably didn't even know the power of your feminine center (that #wombspaceplace) beyond just making a babby child. You probably don't know the real power of your body. 
But I want to remind you of all of this.