Being too much in the masculine.

I'm back.

I've been gone for a while.
The last email I sent was my 1st day of my yoga teacher training.
I assumed I would still be keeping up with my weekly emails throughout the training but that isn't what happened. I'm home now and slowly settling back into myself though.

This teacher training was legit one of the most physically intense things I have ever done. 

I got through it. It stretched me in ways I didn't expect. It showed me that I am capable of more than I thought I was. That felt good to see and learn about myself.

But it also didn't feel good to me in some major ways. It was extremely overwhelming for my body. And I think that had a lot to do with my teacher's approach.

And there was nothing wrong with how he was training us/teaching us, but it was definitely a reflection of him, very masculine, hard.. 

Do do do. 
Go go go.
Push push push.

It was so physically intense at times that I would disconnect from myself because it felt so bad to be in my body in that way for so long.

the wonderful thing about all of this is it gave me really cool insight and experience into how powerful being in my body in a feminine way is for me and just how much that alone makes me feel happy.
And how being in my body in a masculine way makes me feel like a completely different person.

And it made me wonder how many other women are disconnecting from their bodies throughout the day because they are mostly connecting to their masculine instead...that do do do, go go go, energy...

...and that energy totally has its place and gets shit done. But as a woman, if that is the energy you are mostly operating from my guess is you don't feel that good most of the time, either. Like I wasn't during the training. 

How do you feel throughout your day?
Are there certain parts of it that feel better or worse than others?
How are the times that feel better different?
I bet there is a strong element of bringing you back to your feminine self in those times, either through reconnecting to you, or being present and connecting with others. 


I'm looking forward to getting back into these emails. I missed the conversations i've been having with you about them. :)