Feel into your body.

Earlier this week I posted on my instagram about this.

What would you have to do differently to feel physically amazing in your body for a few moments?

I want you to walk into your kitchen (or the next room, whatever) feeling really good in your body. I want you to actually feel pleasure as much as you can while you do this, and I want you to see what it takes for you to get there.

Feel into your thighs as they rub against each other.
Feel into your hips swaying back and forth as you take a step.
Feel into the breath filling your chest.
Feel into your lips relaxed and parted.
Feel into your shoulders as they roll slightly.

Can you get to the point where you feel fucking amazing as you walk, even if it's just for a few moments?

If you want some help, try turning on Gooey by Glass Animals while you do this. :)

The first thing I notice when I do this is I have to slooooowww wwaaayyy down.
Usually even slower than I think.
Especially slower than I think if i've been in my masculine, thinking, doing energy a lot that day.
Sometimes I'm barely even walking, because that is what it takes for me to slow down my energy enough to actually FEEL my body at first. But once I am there, it flips and suddenly I can move much quicker and lighter.

What are you doing differently to feel really good in your body as you move?
Are your hips and shoulders doing something different?
Has your posture and where you hold your weight in your body shifted?
Does your breathing change? 

Now do that walk a few times. Maybe even go sit down on your couch as pleasurably as possible.

Can you get to a point where it actually feels fun and you are playing doing It? If you can congrats, cause you just got your feminine energy moving through your whole body. And when you get to that point you can't not feel good. Cause feminine feels good.

If you feel like you just can't do this what is getting in your way? 
I'm going to guess it's your head.
And I am guessing whatever is getting in your way now is the same thing that gets in the way of you feeling good in other areas of your life.
Because chances are to feel pleasure, to just feel good as you, your awareness has to shift out of your head (the masculine energy area) and into the body (the feminine energy area).

I think this is fun to do because it shows me how much I am connected to my power as a woman in that moment.

And that power doesn't have to sensual or sexual, although that IS a very important part of your power. But your power is about feeling, it's about play, it's about movement, it's about presence, it's about softness as strength, it's about creativity.

And the masculine has it's place still of course. Once you get into your body, and you are feeling good, buzzing maybe, feeling playful, feeling fluid, you can take that energy and then direct it (the masculine is directing it) to something specific. 

The feminine is your flow, the masculine is your focus. 

If you think of a pyramid the feminine would be the entire bottom portion of the pyramid, with the upper portion as it tapers together, the tip :P...the point of focus, as the masculine.

But the point of this email is that I want you to really get into your feminine self/body/energy and see how that feels to you. 

Lemme know. :)

Talk soon,