A side effect of being in your feminine.

My yoga teacher training started this week.

I am the type of person who feels overwhelmed in new social situations involving groups. It's common for me to get quiet and sort of fade into the background until I feel more comfortable, which can take days, or sometimes I never get to that point at all.

Not to mention this is also a situation that is way out of my comfort zone. I am going to be teaching other people, being in front of class, being observed, and this freaks me out. I am very much an introvert.

There is nothing wrong with feeling this way, but this didn't feel good to me because I wanted to feel confident enough to express myself in those situations, too. Basically I wanted to stop hiding. Hiding is totally a protection mechanism for me. So it's been a struggle to work through it.

Since i've been on this journey around femininity and sexuality and self worth there has been a really big leap forward though. 
And this is because of one of the side effects of being in your feminine energy.

And that is - not being in your fucking head so much. 

Feminine energy is about your body and being in your body (it's also about a bunch of other things I'll cover at some point). Instead of getting stuck in your head and your mental space - thinking thinking thinking. 

Not to say being in your head is all bad. Because we need that mental energy in order to create structure, set goals, get shit done (also referred to as your higher masculine energy). But the worried focus and excessive thinking is where I would go to whenever my comfort zone was being challenged. 

But as women, we cannot access our true power by being in our head. 

Our power as a women does not come from there. 

You can get a lot of things done by being in your head, but you will not be able to access the fullness of your potential that way if you are a woman. 


So... i'm feeling different now. It's not like i'm saying i've done a complete 180 and I love these types of situations, but the difference is legitimate. 

My nerves about everything are about 75% less than they normally would be and that is because I am coming from a place of awareness in my body more than awareness in my head.

Being in your feminine, being in your body, has a serious effect on anxiety.


Are you in your head a lot in a way that doesn't feel good? 

This is what I would invite you to try next time you are. This is one of the things I've been working on.

Take some deep breaths and notice where your awareness is centered. You can probably feel where it is. 
Most people will say that they feel like it is in their head, around their head, or slightly out in front of their forehead. 

Now drop that awareness down to right below your belly button or drop it into your pussy. This is the area where your feminine core is.

Can you feel your awareness down there as you breathe? Sometimes you have to just imagine it is down there at first. Maybe you don't feel anything really, or it's numb. Do whatever you need to do to connect your breath or the idea or the feeling that your awareness is now coming from that area below your belly button or your pussy. Maybe place your hand there, too.

Breathe there for a little bit and see how you feel now.

For me, the first few times I did this I felt a space between me and my thoughts. I felt distance from them sort of. It's like they were still there, but I was looking at them from further away. 

And because of this feeling of distance or disconnection from them they had less power over me. But they also had less power over me because I was reconnecting with my real power center as a woman.

Doing this over and over and over again in multiple situations and when I am alone (basically just practicing it whenever I remembered), I've been able to cultivate and grow this to a point where I can quickly notice when I am stuck in my head and drop down. And then I start feeling centered and clear, and if I am experiencing anxiety it slowly starts loosing it's grip. 

Which then allows me to slow down and get even MORE in my body.

Which then over time starts to shift how I approach situations, my confidence, my ability to be vulnerable, and feel powerful just as me and actually enjoy myself. 

If you try this a few times let me know what you think.

Talk again soon,