Your body and self worth.

I got a ton of responses after last weeks email. The one about the feminine movement practice.

Mostly people were saying :

"whoa, that was way harder than I expected it to be. I am SO in my head.."
"that was really cool and it made me actually feel different"

Which really leads me to the whole reason I am so into all of this and want to share about it.

*I think you can fully reconnect with your self worth and know you are good enough through your body.*


Because to really know something or believe something, you have to embody it.

(I'm about to say the word body like 800 times in this email fyi)

You can think something in your mind, but it isn't really real for you in your life until it also becomes a feeling in your body that you act on, from, and for. Until you express it. 

Can you think your way to self worth? I think this is possible, too. And using your thoughts consciously is an important part of getting there. But I believe using the mental route alone will take longer and more effort.

I think you have to use your body. It is a key to knowing and feeling your worth.

I also believe a HUGE challenge to feeling worthy is shame. And shame lives in your body.

Cellularly, physically, it lives in your body long after it's felt. 

Because of shame we often have almost no relationship with our body at all. Or at the most not a very balanced one. 

And in terms of feminine self worth, sexual shame is often a big part of the puzzle. 

Verbal harassment, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, coercion and feeling pressured, assault, groping and unwanted touching, feeling unsafe in our bodies, our desires and feelings being dismissed either by us or our partners, rape, feeling like we aren't good enough because of how our breasts look or our butts or our vulvas or...

All of these things can cause us to go into shame and disconnect from our bodies, and in turn disconnect from our feelings of worth as women.

And this has a lot to do with your sexual energy as well. Honestly, all this shit is connected.
Shame puts a kink in the hose of our sexual energy. And what is sexual energy? Vitality and life force energy. If your sexual energy is flowing freely and active and fully, you feel alive in your life.

So when you get in your body, in a healing way, in a way that FEELS good to you, you start to reset/recalibrate/realign that relationship with it...which starts to remove all that shit that is blocking the doorway to feeling and knowing your worth that has always been there. And being in your body and feeling good there lessens the strength and pull of negative and limiting thought patterns, giving you the chance to completely reset those along the way.  

That is why I think all this feminine stuff is so fucking important for women (or any being that connects mostly with feminine energy - again, gender isn't what it's about).

Most of these things have to do with feeling and being in your body waaaaayyy more than most of us are. And when you get into your body more and more, and you do it in ways that are in alignment with your dominant energy - feminine energy - you start to feel really differently about YOU.

I have a bunch of those feminine movement practices I do, so I'm definitely going to be sharing more of those in the emails to come. 

Talk soon,