Your winter/crone phase.

Come with me....on a journey....into your vagina....

So maybe at this moment your menstrual cycle (if you are currently cycling) might not feel magical, but the more you know about it the more that might change.

My original plan was to include as much info as possible in this one email.

As I was writing it out excitedly, ready to share all this information with you, the email got longer and longer. And eventually it got way too fucking long. So I decided to break it down into multiple emails. 

So this week and the following 3 weeks are going to be dedicated to the 4 phases of your cycle.

Each email will cover the information I've learned about that phase and also my own personal experience of it, because even with the info I share you can still have a different and unique experience of these phases. (Which I would love to know about if you want to share that with me btw..)
You might feel your winter phase happens at a different time than me. Or what you experience could be completely different than me. But I am going to give you some general info to at least kick start your awareness around this fucking awesome topic (in my opinion).


First stop, menstruation, the phase we are most familiar with...for good or for bad...
This is usually considered the start of your cycle if you are charting, but it is also considered an ending and a time of coming to completion energetically.
You can choose to look at it however suits you best. 
Let's just consider this Phase 1 for now since we are starting here first. 
If it were a season it would be winter.
If it were a female archetype it would be the crone.

*****Your winter/crone/bleeding phase is powerful******

Energetically, it is about going inside and having the chance to reconnect with yourself. 
This is the introspection phase.
It is an important internally focused phase for you, while your physical energy is much more dormant, or honestly maybe even hovering around zero lol.

Creative thoughts, ideas, or even visions can feel prominent during this time and might show up totally randomly or chaotically, inspired by anything and everything. And creative energy isn't any different from sexual energy so finding yourself horny during your period isn't unusual either.
This is an interesting time for sex with a partner because it can feel more connected emotionally since you are in fact so deeply connected to your own emotional self. Sex on your period is considered sort of taboo by some and plain gross by others, so this might not be in your wheelhouse right now and that's ok. 

Your intuition is on point at this time. You might feel like you just "know" things easily. Your sensitivity to almost everything is up up up. Your energy is OPEN during this time and able connect to everything or anything around you.

One way this shows up for me as an extreme sensitivity to noise during my period (and also the few days before). Little noises rub me the wrong way, everything seems way louder than it probably is, and just the way something sounds can set me off into a weird panic-y irritation.

Because of all this sensitivity (not to mention all the things possibly going on physically with your body - cramps, headaches, bloating, etc) it's normal to have a strong desire to be alone during this phase, or at least have significantly less social interactions. And that is no mistake. You might have the desire for some interaction, but you may need those interactions to feel more meaningful, slower, and valuable to you at this time. 

Your awareness is high and maybe even slightly altered because of your sensitivity, combined with having a deeper connection to your emotions, so coming into contact with people or situations that aren't a match to that can be irritating, obtrusive, and fucking annoying. You are supposed to go inside yourself during this time. Your body is trying to tell you to go inside, feel what is there, connect, and maybe even not be around anyone at all.

You are simultaneously a sponge to the energies of other people and environments and also releasing and cleansing your own stuff via bleeding, so you know, a whole lot is going on with you. 

You might feel the desire to dress differently during this time. More protective, comfortable, or dark clothing maybe. This isn't random. You intuitively know you need more protection and comfort during this time. 

Your dreams are a big deal right now. Pay attention to them.
You might already notice that your dreams are more vivid and intense around and on your period, but it's not uncommon to have prophetic dreams, or dreams with very clear intuitive messages. This is VERY common. This happens to me pretty consistently once I started paying more attention. Now I look forward to my period (for a lot of reasons) but also because I know it's a time when my inner self is anxious to speak to me through dreams.

The main themes for this phase are :

Internally focused
Self care = self connection
Intuition and insight

This is an energy phase to really honor and connect with yourself and your body in whatever ways you can because it has a lot to offer and cultivate in terms of insight, self love, and renewal for the 3ish weeks ahead for you.

For modern life this might not always seem doable. Especially if you have a family and/or a 9 to 5. But even working small amounts of time in your day where you can be alone or step away can help.

When this phase is ignored and steamrolled over to keep moving ahead at 100% it can show up destructively. Stress is always shitty, but stress during your cycle is beyond just shitty and now  can feel destructive and make you feel destructive. Intense negative emotions and reactions and a whole lot of fuck off energy can come up because you intuitively know you need care than what you are giving to yourself. 

I'm not saying lock yourself alone in a room for 5 days. But I am saying do what you can, and see how that might change your experience of your period for you.
It's not uncommon for your body to almost force you to slow down via cramps, pain, headaches, fatigue, etc when you aren't honoring her. Maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe it doesn't. Check in with yourself and see how this information feels for you personally. 


My experience with the winter/crone/bleeding phase : 

I definitely feel the need to be alone or away from people during this time. And it comes in about 2-3 days before I actually start my period.

Like I mentioned earlier, my intense sensitivity to noise is a sign I'm starting to shift into this phase. 

My physical energy is low and easily spent. I can go out and be social somewhat, but I quickly realize I've reached my limit when I start to get on edge and generally withdraw from conversation, or I start to feel bored with other people who normally I have fun with. This is a common sign for me.

I am drawn to heavy feeling clothing and dark clothing. 

I kind of feel like i'm in my own little world and a lot of things sort of blend together for me in a gentle way. 

I have a hard time executing tasks. Emails are harder for me to stay on top of. I text much less and communicate much less. Maintaining structure in my day is difficult and I feel better letting myself float to different things.

I feel slower with almost everything (unless I am not taking care of myself and am on edge, in which case I feel manic) and procrastinate much more than normal. It's normal for me to leave clothes around on the floor during my period, when normally I don't ever do this.
If I have my period, trying to pull these emails out of my brain takes forever, whereas other phases in my cycle I can have 5 emails written and ready to go out in an hour or so.

My mental processes seem to take a back seat during my period.

This energy phase comes in about 2 days before I actually start to bleed and lasts about 4 days after I have started bleeding before it starts to shift to the next.

This is my experience, what is yours?


At some point I would love to share more information about past times in our history when menstruation was VERY highly honored and revered for it's power. I mean at one time, for a long long time, life itself was built around it.

Periods were so powerful in fact that it eventually scared the shit out of some men (religious men) and they set out to convince everyone menstruation was dirty, evil, and shameful (and women were also these things by extension) so women's power and place would be diminished in society, and women would stop paying attention to their bodies and menstruation beyond bleeding just being an inconvenience and something to be ignored as much as possible. It worked! Thanks, Patriarchy! 

There is this saying I came across as I learned about this and it went something like this :  
When a women first bleeds she meets her power. As she continues to bleed throughout her life she learns about her power and how to work with it. When she finally stops bleeding she now embodies her power and it lives within her.

I thought that was cool. And it sort of changed how I looked at things.

Next week....

Phase 2. The Maiden/Spring phase...