Your spring/maiden phase.

This week, your maiden phase...

This is the time directly after your period. 
If it were a season it would be spring.
We will call it the 2nd phase in your menstrual cycle.

While your bleeding/crone/winter phase is a very internally focused time, this 2nd phase shifts pretty dramatically into something much more externally focused. 

Your maiden phase wants to get shit done. 

She is ready to be out and about.

She is bright with mental and physical energy

Maybe you had to put some tasks off while you were bleeding. Well, let the maiden come in with that excess energy and take care of those things for you right meow.

Your maiden phase is a prime time to focus on tasks. Your ability to execute will be high. If you find this true for you it could be a great time to plan ahead if you have things that need to be done in your schedule! 

Out of all the phases I would say this one feels closest to masculine energy for me. I can do, do, do and be active and not feel worn down or spread thin.

Maiden energy might also make you feel more playful and open and sexual in your body. But this is more of a superficial energy. Not in a bad way, but lacking an intention for real depth in your sexuality and your actions during this time isn't uncommon, and totally ok, too. It can be fun. You can't always be a fucking philosopher. 

Mentally your energy is very active during this time, which also means your connection to your feeling body might be at it's lowest. This is how it shows up for me, but I will touch on that below.

Without a focus it's possible to feel some restlessness as well during this phase. Find your focus. Take advantage of this!

Expect your ability to socialize and put yourself to come easier as you pass through this phase into the next. 


My experience of the maiden/spring phase

This is my shortest phase. It kicks in around the last day of my period and increases for about 3-4 days before I start to shift into my next phase, the mother/summer energy phase. 

And I am totally fine with that. Because this time is usually the most challenging for me. But my experience of it could be very different than yours. 

My mental energy is so much more abundant and strong that it can be difficult for me to maintain a feeling connection with my body during the maiden phase. It almost overwhelms me sometimes because my connection to my body seems to fade into the background unless I intentionally work to focus on it. 

It takes time to learn the patterns of your body and then find ways of using them that benefit you. But this phase has been eye opening for me around just how powerful feminine energy work has become for me over the past 2+ years. 

One very important way this connection has changed me is around my mental health and balance.
Before, my lack of connection to the slower, sensual feminine aspect of myself and my body allowed a lot of room for my mental energy to take the reins, and it often would lead me down paths that could make me feel like total shit honestly.

There was nothing grounding me in my body, so my mind was in charge and could run pretty wild. As I started to learn about my femininity and how to cultivate it and how it shows up day to day, I noticed my anxiety started to dip. 

As I continued to dive into all of this I realized just how unbalanced I was when it came to my masculine/mental and feminine/feeling/body. 

At times, this phase feels closest to how I used to feel.

Just this past cycle I had an entire day where I was so worried about what someone thought of me, and why wasn't this other person texting me, and did I look like an idiot because of this other thing I just did, blah blah blah.....

And none of that is weird, we all feel that way sometimes, but for me this is how I used to feel on a regular basis. Anxiety came naturally to me.

Now, it is a rarity for me to get caught up in what others think of me so much that it consumes me for even an entire day. And I attribute that pretty entirely to my connection with my body and my feminine energy and everything that has come with that.

So this phase is great for me to get things done in the physical world, but I also have to stay aware that because my focus is so centered on the outside world, that mentally it is easier for me to get caught up in those things outside of me as well, for good or for bad.

My intuition doesn't feel super strong during this time. But I can start applying actions to insights I may have had in my bleeding phase pretty well. 

I think my ability to learn and absorb new things is higher during this phase.


I just think it's really cool that we can go from this super internally, deep and emotionally focused "crone" lady one week, and then transform into this completely different young, fresh, and mentally bright and active person the next. And then shift into someone else the next week, and the next after that. And with each shift comes different abilities and experiences we can learn to tap into. Women are awesome. 

What are you thoughts and experiences?

Next week we'll get our summer energy on...