Your body is your anchor to the feminine.

I took a week off last week, but i'm back!

And i'm here to tell you that your body is your anchor for all of your feminine energy.

Your mind is important, too. Mindset is super important.

But your body is the anchor, the doorway, the connection to your feminine. 

I talked a little bit on my instagram about pleasure this week. 

Pleasure is SO feminine. Enjoyment is SO feminine. And it's all about your body. 

Playing with all of this stuff over the past few years i've come to believe there are about 5-6 foundational pieces/practices that make up your feminine energy.
And pleasure/enjoyment is one of them. 

This could mean sexual pleasure, but it doesn't have to. It could mean any pleasure you experience through your senses and body - which is just another way of describing what sensuality is. 

Most people look at pleasure as a luxury but it's actually very practical. 

Pleasure is seen as something people do last after the hard work is done, or something you get as a reward. But taking time to feel good sexually or just feel good in your body makes you feel right with yourself, it makes things feel easier in all areas of your life, it significantly reduces anxiety, it increases your ability to understand others and feel compassion, it gives you more energy, and it makes you more productive.

Maybe you aren't convinced that you want to start adding a pleasure break into your day yet but for me taking the time to let myself feel pleasure has been the fastest way to make me feel better if I am stressed or disconnected from myself. And that makes everything else I still have to do just work way better. And sometimes it only takes 5-10 mins. 

For example, this week my cat did something to his tail.

I came home and he walked up to me and his tail was completely limp and he couldn't put it up. I immediately took him to the vet. I was stressing the whole time, worrying about his tail being broken, feeling bad for how he was stressed being at the vet, if he was in pain, and also trying not to think about how ridiculous the vet bill would be with x rays.

It was a tense day of waiting to find out if everything was ok. 
And when we finally got home the last thing I wanted to do was something pleasurable, but I also knew I didn't want to go through the rest of my day in this highly tense and negatively focused state.

So I sat on my bed for minute took some breaths and convinced myself to take the time to just dance for 2 songs and feel good.

I ended up dancing for 5 songs and it shifted me into a totally different place where I actually enjoyed the rest of my day.

And I know this is something that works for me, i've done it many times in the past. But once you get going feeling bad and in your head it's almost like you suddenly have all this resistance to doing anything that feels good, even if you know it will help. So sometimes it takes a little effort if you've built up some negative momentum.

And this made me want to put out a challenge for this next week.

My challenge to you is taking 5 mins every day to feel into your body, specifically your womb or pussy, via dance or movement.

For the next 7 days I want you to put on a song (or 2 if you want) that makes you feel sexy or sensual. 
Turn the song on and let your body roll and move your hips.
And while you dance I want you to place your focus and awareness on your pussy or your womb and I want you to dance from that place.
I want you to let it guide you through the song. Closing your eyes will help keep your awareness there. You don't have to move fast (although you can if that is what you feel) or move around the room much. I just want you to really breathe into that area and feel it guide your movements.
Check in with your jaw and mouth and relax it. Your mouth is connected to your pussy. When one of them is clenched, it's more difficult for the other to open. 

Maybe you will only move your hips. Maybe you will feel guided to move your entire body. 

A variation of this can be done sitting on your bed with your knees bent and feet under you. Sometimes connecting with your pussy and womb can be difficult at first if too much is going on to pull your attention away. So if you find you have trouble with your focus standing up and dancing, try sitting on your bed. 

Keep your eyes closed the whole time and just feel how your pussy and womb wants to express itself through your movements.

Does this already sound crazy?

I could see how it might. But your pussy and your womb have an energy that is different than your mind or your heart. Just like people talk about "heart consciousness" or being in your head, your feminine center has it's own intelligence and wisdom and consciousness, too. This is a way to start making a connection to it. 

If it feels hard to connect, then pretend. Use your imagination and pretend you are feeling how your pussy wants you to move and just go with it. 

I want you to either :

a) do this as soon as you get out of bed, first thing if you can.


b) do it once you are home from work or have time away from other responsibilities like kids.

Pick one and be consistent. For 7 days. It will only take you a minimum of 5 mins a day, although you can always do it longer if you want. 

Next week I want to know how it went.
I want to know if anything came up for you.
Did you resist it at all?
Did you feel silly?
Did you feel a change in your mental state at any point?
Did you feel any differently about yourself?
Did you find it easy or hard to keep your focus on your pussy?

Ok. That's it. 

Also, if you were wondering about my cat, he is ok. He didn't break his tail, but he did have some soft tissue and ligament damage. Possibly from falling off something. He is very fat and has short legs and isn't the best jumper, so this is entirely possible knowing his track record. He's going to be ok and should heal  and should eventually regain the use of his tail, too.

Until next week,

belle soet