Feminine energy is a magnet.

How was this last week for you?!
Did you do the challenge?
Lemme know if you did and what you happened for you, if anything.
I love hearing about other peoples experiences. This whole journey can be so personal and different for everyone.

But onward we go...

One reason your feminine energy is so powerful is because it acts like a magnet for all the things you want. 

Being in masculine energy means using your power through assertion. You assert what you want, you go after it, you stand up for it, you make it happen. 

Being in your feminine means using your power through attraction. Because you don't need to assert yourself to get it. You attract what you want, you allow it to come to YOU, you receive it.

The feminine knows what she wants just as much as the masculine. But her approach is less about "making it happen" and more about "allowing it to happen". And this has a lot to do with a feeling of worthiness.

Many women don't feel worthy or good enough in some way, and so they counterbalance that with effort. Which immediately connects them with masculine energy.

And this can definitely work in some situations where effort is necessary. But overall when you operate from a belief that you are worthy and deserving of the money, job, relationship, friendships, situations, etc that you want, you are much more likely to get out of your own way and allow the right people and situations into your life with ease.

You trust because you know who you are and you know are enough. And that effects every single aspect of your life. And that effects how others treat you, feel about you, and what they offer you, too. 

Making something happen stops being as necessary as it once was. Juggling all the moving parts and managing everything isn't needed anymore. 

When you are connected to your feminine energy and flow you will feel your power when you see yourself attracting the things you want, its like they WANT to come to you cause you are just so damn magnetic, which then reinforces the belief that you are in fact worthy. 

Feminine energy and worthiness go hand in hand.

It's like coming from your feminine self is almost made to connect you with your inherent worthiness again and again. If you can tap into your feminine you are setting yourself up to nurture that relationship of self worth and value with yourself without even having to focus on it. It just starts happening.

Which is really the most beautiful thing about connecting with the feminine, because for me that is what changed my self worth when I was convinced nothing else would. Something I've struggled with for the past 30+ years of my life and been very actively searching for answers about for the past 5 years. 

Do you have specific questions about feminine energy? Or masculine? 

I would love to answer questions you might have.

Until next week,

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