What is your why?

What is your why for wanting to be more connected with feminine energy?

Is there something specific you want in your life that you don't have? Or something you want to be different?

For me my why was all about relationships. 

I had gotten a divorce and was feeling like no matter what I did relationships weren't working for me.

I was with the guy I was married to for about 7 years total before we divorced, but it was definitely not a relationship I felt happy in. I had a lot to learn around boundaries and believing that I actually could have what I really wanted, but the masculine feminine dynamic was way off as well.

This was before I knew what those two energies were but looking back I can see how I had a huge pattern of being in my masculine energy, which made me repel guys strongly in their own masculine or attract more feminine energy male partners.
Which is fine if you want to be the mainly masculine energy partner between the two of you, but I was tired of giving alllllll the time in my relationship. I was exhausted from taking care of my ex emotionally and in every other way. I was always the one doing, doing, doing and he was perfectly happy to let me. 

Me being in my masculine had turned off most of my previous partners before him. And that showed up as guys being really into me at first, but after a few months they would always give me some reason why they weren't feelin' it anymore, and it would end.

I blamed it on sleeping with them too soon or something just inherently being wrong with me. 

But then I met my ex (the one I married...and later divorced) and he didn't get turned off by me being in masculine mode (not that I knew that is what I was even doing) so our relationship lasted a lot longer than it probably needed to simply because he was ok with that dynamic when most guys before him were not. 

He was totally ok with stepping back and letting me take the lead. And I just thought that was how things worked, even though I felt resentful most of the time and generally unhappy. 

It took finally getting a divorce and realizing none of my relationships had really ever worked to start looking more at what was going on. And eventually that is what brought me to feminine energy work. 

At first I wanted to learn about it because I wanted to have a relationship that felt good that I actually wanted to be in. So my focus was only applying feminine energy mindset and focus for that goal. 

And it eventually worked. 

I started applying the things I had learned and low and behold 4 or 5 months later I had gotten into a relationship with someone I really wanted to be with and I felt really happy. I understood the masculine-feminine dynamic that needed to be there for me and things worked better than I had ever imagined they could. 

Like, some guy I am head over heels for totally adoring me and treating me how I imagine other girls are treated in happy relationships? That was crazy to me because it seemed so much like a fantasy.  

But then I got comfortable about a year in, and right on time, within a few months of letting my feminine focus go, the relationship started to go sour. Things felt hard again. Sex was way off, not really happening even. Literally nothing had changed on the outside. The only thing that was different was I stopped working on my feminine connection. We both really loved each other, but it just was so off and blah.

It took some time but I eventually realized that I had forgotten about connecting to myself in a feminine way and I started to dive back in. And this time I dove WAY in. Eventually my relationship turned back around completely, and honestly with almost no work on my end other then how I was focusing myself and expressing myself. It literally seemed like magic. I only focused on me and my feminine energy and every single other thing fell back into place and felt stronger than ever and better than ever. 

This is what really reinforced for me how powerful feminine energy is.
And this is when I started to apply it to other areas of my life as well, and things started to feel better in those areas, too. And then this email list started because I realized I wanted more women to know about this.

So what is your why? 

Why are you on this email list? Why do you want more feminine energy in your life? 

I want to teach about all of it. Not just how it works in relationships. I want women to understand how it can change all aspects of their lives and how it's a way of connecting to yourself differently and a mindset that is sustainable and fulfilling and just can make you feel really, really good. 

But I think it's ok to really just want to learn about it because of one specific reason or area in your life.
Maybe it's relationships for you, too. Or maybe it's something else you struggle with. 

But I would love to know your why. 

Until next week,

belle soet