Feminine softness is strength.

One of the foundational principles of feminine energy is softness.

Masculine energy is strength through hardness.
Feminine energy is strength through softness.

Masculine energy draws strength from its ability to go hard, forcefully, unyielding, solidly, resistantly. And there a lot of situations where this is a good option. This is the "power" we are familiar with.
But does that mean masculine energy is stronger than feminine energy? Or more powerful? 
It really depends on how you have been defining strength and power.

Feminine energy embodies power just as much as masculine, but it does it in a different way. 

Masculine strength is like striking with iron.
Solid and forceful. A blow from a piece of iron will knock you on your ass. It can destroy something in a very obvious and broad way. 

Feminine strength is like striking with a whip. Flexible and soft until you decide to use it a certain way. And then it will still knock you on your ass, with precision, and do serious damage that penetrates beyond the surface.

The quality of softness is often used in martial arts as a way of using an opponent’s own force against them to defeat them. When you use softness in martial arts, you retain your own energy and still can win a battle.

Softness can be incredibly powerful. Just look at the ocean or any body of water. It’s capable of bringing pleasure and relaxation and joy, and just as capable of destroying an entire city. 

But the strength from softness is more than just about it's destructive capabilities. Softness is allowing things to roll off your back and stay centered in your own energy, which gives you a tremendous advantage in any situation. 

Softness is adaptability and flexibility. 
Softness is disarming.
Softness is penetrating. 
Softness draws you in.
Softness allows you to get inside, either yourself or someone else, and change from the core. 

Seeing someone with a "soft perspective" means allowing that person the room to not have be perfect. The room to make mistakes and be human. 

Softness comes into play with mindset as well as movement and embodiment. It is one of the defining ways I believe will connect you to your feminine energy.

Take a breath and soften yourself.
Soften your whole body. Your neck and shoulders and mouth and lips.
Take another breath.
Feel your muscles soften, but also your skin. And your connective tissue underneath. 
Now soften your eyes and your gaze. 
Soften your breath. Letting it be fluid and easy.
And lastly, can you soften the energy of your mind?
What would it look like and feel like to do that?

The irony is that when we allow ourselves to be softer physically and mentally, we can be incredibly strong. 

Is there a situation that you usually use hardness (whether that means physically or mentally) that you would be willing to try using softness with this week?

Until next week,

belle soet