One of the most challenging things for me..

One of the most challenging things for me about feminine energy has been actually just being.

The past few months my main focus has been on just being and feeling.

Because one of the foundational aspects of feminine energy is being, maybe the #1 aspect imo.

Slowing down enough to connect with what I am being has always been tough for me.

And I am at a point where I am getting more serious about wanting to teach this to other women, but I won't let myself actually really teach about this fully unless I feel I can embody and truly know all the aspects of it.
Otherwise I feel like I am not sharing something that I truly know works. And I don't want to share anything about this work unless I know the in's and out's of it and can fully embody it myself. All of this has felt like soul work for me. Or spirit work. Or insert some spiritual or woo woo type word to describe that this stuff feels closer to my inner being than anything else I've done. So I want it to be with as much integrity as possible. 

And the one aspect that really has been a challenge to me is this. 


So how do we be instead of do? Keeping in mind that the masculine energy of doing has its place too, but for right now I have that pretty on lock and I feel like most women do.

This is what has been working for me over the past months as I've really laser focused in on this and started to dismantle it to see what is going on inside.

Being is simply about your feelings and your senses, which increases your connection to your body (the feminine manifestation of you, whereas the mind is the masculine manifestation of you).

My goal with all of this stuff is to make it as accessible to others as possible. I want there to be practical steps people can take to connect with and cultivate their feminine energy more. Nothing drives me nuts more than learning about something and having it just be way too vague or philosophical and realizing that everything I just learned was cool information but there was no available application of it, so in the end nothing changes or improves. 

When it comes to being it's been something I've had to set up a structure for (thank you, masculine!) in order to start making it a habit of accessing it. Because my default has been to DO and keep my awareness on everything that is connected to that doing.  But the awesome thing about being is you can infuse who/how you are being into anything you have to do, and it shifts everything.

The first step for me that has been my anchor is my breath. Stoping multiple times a day, even setting up alerts on my phone, and dropping down into my breath.
It's always there and it's the easiest way to bridge the connection into your body and shift your awareness out of your head.

Once i've dropped into my body through breathing I either consciously ask myself, what/who am I being? Or, what am I feeling? Sometimes one is easier than the other. And then diving into that, whatever it is...and letting it lead me deeper and deeper into feeling and feminine energy...

And from there it becomes fork in the road. And the fork is about what my priority really is.

What is your priority around this?

Because at that point I can fully start to access my "being-ness" if I want to. But if I am still believing that where my mind is at is more valuable than my beingness in that moment, then I won't let myself go there fully. And I think that was something that had been catching me up for so long.

The belief that what I was focused on mentally was JUST SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.

And eventually I realized that is a trick the mind plays. It continually tried to convince me that I really need to think about/focus on this one thing..because doing that is what is going to make me "feel better".
(With the irony being you can't feel anything long term, let alone feel better, when you aren't even in your body or connected to it.)

But there is always more to this game. It never ends. As soon as that thing I needed to focus on so hard resolved itself, there was another thing, and another, and another. And then all the sudden I had been stuck in my head for month because I had just been waiting for everything else to be "solved or resolved" first before l I let myself feel better. 

I've been working with connecting to my "being-ness" for a couple months now and it's crazy how much easier my life started flowing and feeling good because of it.

It took a while though. And I remember back in April when I first started really trying to connect with this feminine aspect daily how hopeless I felt initially. IT WAS SO HARRDDDD FOR ME>>>>. UGGHH.. I even was like, what the fuck am I even doing talking about the feminine with people if I can't connect with this aspect at will and truly understand it as a daily thing? 

Beingness is so important to fully embody feminine. Honestly I think it will get you to where you want to be faster than doing can. I love the masculine for a lot of things, but if you can go deep in this area, really start to understand it and harness it, you can get/achieve/have/become ALL the things at lightening speed.

It's been the hardest aspect of feminine energy for me and the most rewarding one for me. 

When I eventually create my program to teach women to connect with their feminine this is going to be a cornerstone. 

Until next week,

belle soet