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Introduction to your menstrual cycle : Introduction to your feminine

Our menstrual cycle is an expression of our own personal, constantly changing, unique feminine energy. It was one of the first steps for me in connecting with my feminine. And when I speak with women who are just starting their journey one of my very first recommendations is for them to connect with their cycle.

If a woman wants to fully rediscover and embody her feminine, working with her menstrual cycle is not just helpful, but it is a necessary step.

Until we renew that relationship we will continue to experience our feminine from our minds, instead of our bodies, where it really resides.


This course is for the woman who :

  • Wants to understand her own personal changing feminine energy in a deeper, fuller way

  • Wants to start emobodying her feminine but isn’t sure where to start

  • Is new to menstrual work

  • Is looking for a practical and effective way of honoring her feminine every single day

  • Is interested in taking the time to reconnect with a part of herself that may have been neglected or ignored for a long time

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In this self paced course I teach you :

  • About the 4 energetic phases of your menstrual cycle, what they look like and feel like

  • About the physical side of your menstrual cycle

  • How to start charting your physical cycle and your fertility signs

  • You will learn what your 4 energetic phases feel like for you personally

  • How to honor your constantly changing feminine energy with a feminine morning ritual

  • How to create your own feminine morning ritual or routine

  • An introduction to your relationship with your menstrual blood and how to bring this work into your family and partnership.