weekly 50 min coaching calls

unlimited text, messenger, and email communication between sessions, cause I got you boo.

Women who invest in a coaching relationship with me are ready and 100% willing to take the vibrational and physical steps towards up leveling their lives.

My speciality is :

Feminine and masculine energy education

Feminine awakening and embodiment

Relationship with self

High value feminine attraction and radiance for polarity with a high value masculine partner


Coaching is an investment in self, and not always an easy one. Sometimes it’s really fucking challenging. Often times we aren’t living the life we want are because of blind spots, unchallenged habits, and consistently being in a lower vibrational energy. I have the ability to see what is really going on underneath mindset and behavior and bring this information to your attention.

Are you ready for that?

Your story is something that is there to empower you. The life that has led you to this point was not a mistake because it contains valuable information perfectly tailored just for you and your mission and dream for this life. But you have to be willing to open to the higher perspective of those experiences and see how they are actually serving you. No more victim mode. Working with me means taking full responsibility for the energy you are bringing to the table, not just the actions you take.

Are you ready for that?

  • perspective + focus = aligned vibration which leads to aligned action = change

    Everything starts with you. Your internal world reflects your outer world. Do the internal work and the external changes come naturally, or even magically. Self is first, everything else is secondary for good reason. When we try to change the outer picture first it’s like trying to change the reflection in a mirror. It doesn’t work, it feels exhausting, causes confusion and self doubt, and reinforces the belief that you don’t have power in your life. But when you shift YOU first, the reflection has to change with it. Your thoughts and your feelings, your vibration, all of this determines your outer life and how people respond to you. You have to be willing to see the ways you are contributing to not living the life you want in order to reclaim your power.

Are you ready for that?


Struggle with feeling good enough?

Know that you are way too in your masculine energy but don’t really know how to change that?

Want to understand what it means to embody your feminine energy?

Want to attract a high value relationship from your feminine?

Have a desire to deeply love yourself but don’t know how to get there?

Struggle with putting yourself first?

Not really understand feminine and masculine but would like to?

Want to create a deeper relationship with your intuition?

Want self love?

Feel disconnected from your sexuality, your pussy, and your womb space?

The awesome thing about coaching is that it can literally be about ANYTHING you want. Our coaching relationship is created with you, for you, week by week as we go. My intention is to be your tour guide. My ideal clients are women. Feminine and masculine energy is genderless and sexless, but my experience lies in the feminine/woman dynamic. Most of all, my ideal clients are ready to see their blindspots and take the vibrational/emotional steps, along with the physical ones, to start to shift themselves into their power.

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