Women who invest in a coaching relationship with me are coachable, ready take responsibility for their own happiness, and see their blind spots.

My speciality is :

Feminine and masculine energy education

Feminine reconnection, balancing, and embodiment

Relationship with self

High value feminine attraction and radiance for polarity with a high value masculine partner


Coaching is an investment in yourself and not always an easy one. Often times we are not living the life we want because of our blind spots, unchallenged patterns we’ve learned through our parents and society, and consistently being in a lower vibrational energy.

Sometimes we need help seeing and then changing our patterns that create obstacles between us and our dream relationship. Coaching is a way to create a space and an intensified container for that growth to occur.

Everything starts with you. Your internal world will reflect your outer world. Do the internal work and the external changes come naturally.



Do you :

Struggle with feeling good enough?

Know that you are too in your masculine energy but don’t really know how to change that?

Want to understand what it means to embody your feminine energy?

Want to attract a high value relationship using your feminine energy?

Have a desire to deeply love yourself but don’t know how to practically do that?

Struggle with putting yourself first?

Feel confused about what the feminine and masculine in yourself looks like?

Want to create a deeper relationship with your intuition?

Feel disconnected from your sexuality, your pussy, and your womb space?

Each coaching relationship is unique to you, me, and the energy we create together.

My coaching is a mix of teaching and guiding. If I am meant to be a temporary guide for you, you will feel drawn to connecting with me.

I offer intensive 4 week coaching containers, with the option of 2 different focuses.

A 4 week coaching container with me is $800.00

Focus 1 :

We address your personal relationship to masculine and feminine energy. When those 4 weeks are finished my desire is for you to understand how both masculine and feminine work in your own life, see your origins and shadow for each energy, and have clarity about moving forward embodying them in a healthy way.

Focus 2 :

We address your current relationship with your partner. When those 4 weeks are finished my desire is for you to understand exactly what energy you are bringing to your relationship, the energy your partner is bringing, your relationship dynamic blind spots, and have clarity about moving forward embodying your feminine energy to create polarity and connection with your masculine partner. Focus 2 also is the avenue to take if you are not currently in a partnership but deeply desire to attract one.

I offer extended coaching relationships for those who have worked with me on a 4 week intensive and are ready to go deeper with the work.

Book a 30 min discovery call with me for free.