…The quality of softness is often used in martial arts as a way of using an opponent’s own force against them to defeat them. When you use softness in martial arts, you retain your own energy and still can win a battle.

…Eventually my relationship turned back around completely, and honestly with almost no work on my end other then how I was focusing myself and expressing myself. It literally seemed like magic. I only focused on me and my feminine energy and every single other thing fell back into place and felt stronger than ever and better than ever. 

…The mainstream population often associates feminine energy with what is actually lower vibrational feminine energy, or "toxic" feminine. I'm sure you've heard of toxic masculinity. Like I mentioned above, there is also toxic femininity, although we don't really talk about it much.

…But your pussy and your womb have an energy that is different than your mind or your heart. Just like people talk about "heart consciousness" or being in your head, your feminine center has it's own intelligence and wisdom and consciousness, too. This is a way to start making a connection to it. 

...But I really just want to talk about the concrete, physical, practice of masterbation alone and the result of doing it often, without having any intention of healing shame or trauma. Just the intention of doing it consistently and seeing if I felt different about me because of it.

…the issues/challenges/situations that can come up during the Goddess phase can feel like an intensified version of reality that really sucks. But it’s important to remember this is an intensified version, so you can clearly see what needs to be addressed and take care of it for the better.

...Fullness. That is a theme here.
Feeling full, maybe even...juicy.

That external pull to the outside world you felt in your maiden phase is still there, but now it's less about accomplishing on the outside and more about connecting on the outside.

...Energetically, it is about going inside and having the chance to reconnect with yourself. 
This is the introspection phase.
Creative thoughts, ideas, or even visions can feel prominent during this time and might show up totally randomly or chaotically, inspired by anything and everything. 

...I want you to walk into your kitchen (or the next room, whatever) feeling really good in your body. I want you to actually feel pleasure as much as you can while you do this, and I want you to see what it takes for you to get there.